Jennifer Barrientos Awarded Dennis Kettmann Memorial College Scholarship

The 2022 Dennis Kettmann Memorial Scholarship was recently awarded to Jennifer Barrientos, an Eagle level participant of First Tee – Silicon Valley.  Each year golfers in the Dennis Kettmann Memorial Tournament raise funds to remember Dennis. Their generosity underwrites this special $5,000 college scholarship for a FTSV chosen participant.

Dennis’s son and co-organizer of the Memorial Tournament, Matt Kettmann, learned the game from his father, Dennis, and knows that he must be smiling knowing that his memory is now helping FTSV’s young people pursue their college dreams. 

David Henningsen, who is also a co-organizer shared, “It was so wonderful to have the recipient of the “Big D” scholarship play in our tournament and speak to the supporters about how FTSV has impacted her.”

Jennifer joined our program in 2018 and has been one of our most active participants since. She has excelled in our classes and is a model of our life lessons. We meet her at an Alum Rock school outreach event. She attended Hubbard Elementary, which is a community partner of ours within the Alum Rock School District. Being a community partner means we provide our life and golf skill curriculum and training to their school so they can deliver the program on their own onsite at their school.

Jennifer played in the Memorial Tournament and gave her speech at it’s conclusion. In her speech she said, “Before joining FTSV, all I knew about golf was that it was expensive and difficult to play. It was foreign to me and my family and not something we thought was going to be an option. FTSV offered my sister and I financial assistance, which made it possible for us to join the program. True to what my mom always taught us, I did not take this opportunity for granted. I persevered through the challenges of each level. Now I am here playing in this tournament, my first ever tournament, and receiving a scholarship to college!”

She went on to highlight the impact of FTSV’s core value, Responsibility. “My mom is a single mom and takes care of all three of us. She tries her best to give us what we need. I have a responsibility to my mom, sister, and brother. We are in this together and I embrace the challenge of being a role model and taking care of my mom. In FTSV we learned that responsibility requires setting goals and following through on promises. I will continue to work hard in golf, my education, and my career to make myself, you all, and my family proud. My goal is to go to college as a first-generation student and work hard so I can live a successful life, help my family and have a career that I enjoy.”

We are excited to see and support Jennifer as she works towards her goals and we are committed to being on her “Go-To-Team” as she continues her character-building and collegiate journey. 

Congratulations Jennifer. We are proud to have you as the 2022 Dennis Kettmann Scholar!

Watch Jennifer’s speech here.

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