Course Program


  • Register for an 8-week set of classes in San Jose, Palo Alto or Gilroy
  • Choose one class a week (same day, same time) for the 8-weeks.
  • All classes are organized by grade groups – Grades 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-12
  • Each grade group has a Practice class (6/8 weeks on practice areas) and a Course class(6/8 weeks on golf course). If you are new to golf, then we encourage you to take the Practice class first. Both classes are open to all skill levels.
  • Each week the different grade groups will learn one tool and related tips from each – Life Skill, Golf Cue, Golf Ready.
  • Open to all youth 2nd grade & up. Equipment Provided.
  • Each class (12 hours of instruction) – Registration Fee $230. The full cost is $300 so $70 is subsidized by FTSV donors.
  • Financial aid is available on a sliding scale and can reduce the fee to $20-$180. Apply during registration
  • Please click here (Versión Español) for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Register

  • Select the ‘Register’ button.
  • Select the ‘Login’ button in the top right-hand section of the page and login to your account or create a new account. You can see the class options without logging in, however you will not be able to register for any classes without first logging in. 
  • You will see all FTSV class and event options listed. For that reason we recommend using the filters on the left-hand side to sort by the age, location, time and date that interest you.
  • Register by grade (not by skill).
  • Select participant(s) and choose a session to add to your cart
  • Go to your cart and follow the prompts to complete your registration. *If applying for financial aid, you will be asked about your financial aid status during the online registration process. Once you submit your request and are approved, you will receive an approval email and will have 48 hours to complete your registration.
  • Click here for the registration video tutorial.
  • Registration fills up quickly so be sure to create an account and familiarize yourself with the registration process in advance of registration opening.



  • 2024 Spring — Registration Opens Wednesday 2/14 at 11am — Season from Tuesday 3/12 to Saturday 5/8
  • 2024 Summer — Registration Opens Wednesday 5/15 at 11am — Season from Tuesday 6/4 to Saturday 8/3. Break Week 7/2-7/6
  • 2024 Fall — Registration Opens Wednesday 8/14 at 11am — Season from Tuesday 9/3 to Saturday 10/26
  • 2024 Winter — Registration Opens Wednesday 11/06 at 11am — Season from Tuesday 12/3 to Saturday 2/08/25. Break Weeks 12/23-01/04

Why We Exist

  • Our class purpose is to build character in youth and help them succeed in life – Youth Development through golf.

How Do We Coach?

  • We are focused on building relationships, fostering teamwork and inclusion, and creating an engaging activity-based learning environment that makes learning interactive and fun
  • Our classes use golf games to build character and deliver the First Tee’s Life Skills Experience (LSE)
  • For more information on our coaching philosophy click here (Versión Español)

What Do We Coach?

Our curriculum consists of three parts — Life Skills, Golf Cues, Golf Readiness. We have two types of sessions — Core Curriculum and Golf Advancement, with a third session available for high school participants, called Ace.

  1. Core Curriculum Classes
    • 24 lessons that each include Life Skills, Golf Cues, and Golf Readiness
    • Organized over four (4) grade groups so that peers stay together
    • For example, Life Skills include: Showing Respect, Collaborating with Others, Building Positive Self-Identity, Making Good Choices, Pursuing Goals, Overcoming Challenges
    • Click here (Versión Español) for more details on our curriculum
    • Click here (Versión Español) for more information on our grade groups, achievements and challenges
  2. Golf Advancement Classes
    • Designed to assist golf skill development
    • Current sessions —  Golf Rounds and Golf Play.
    • Future sessions — Golf STEM and Golf Practice TBD
    • Organized over grade groups so that peers stay together
    • Click here (Versión Español) for more information
  3. Ace Classes
    • A series of (4) 8-week classes, where participants incorporate self-exploration, investigate potential education and career plans, demonstrate leadership & investment in their community, & develop goals and real-world assets to kick-start their future.
    • The following (4) 8-week classes are open to participants 14-17 years old, new & returning:
      • Education class (Fall – Sept to Oct) – financial planning for college, college application process, school identification/exploration strategies
      • Give Back class (Winter – Dec to Feb) –  going above and beyond, learning transferable skills, networking, professionalism
      • Career class (Spring – Mar to May) –  resume-building, interview skills, adaptive and content skill development, professional correspondence, and career explorations
      • Golf class (Summer – Jun to Aug) –  golf psychology, optimal practice habits, and goal setting
    • Click here (Versión Español) for more information

Where Are the Sessions?

  • Locations – view which golf course offers classes closest to you

Who Can Join?

  • We teach all youth 2nd – 12th grade regardless of background. We offer financial aid for those in need to make our classes affordable.


Policies and Program Overview Guide (Versión Español)

2024 Summer Parent Orientation Agenda (Versión Español)