Spring Season – Refreshed Curriculum

Beginning on March 14th FTSV will be launching our refreshed curriculum for our core 8-week program. The switch from a levels-based program to a grade-based program is based on a multi-year research study performed by an independent agency. The study included experts in youth development and sports psychology, as well as feedback from coaches, parents, and kids from around the country.

According to the findings:

  • Participants strongly prefer being with their own age group, the chance to be in classes with their friends, and the opportunity to make friends within their own age group.
  • Participants will learn more from programs designed to be developmentally appropriate.
  • Participants are more likely to stay with First Tee longer and engage in the opportunities provided to older students (e.g., leadership opportunities and scholarships).

FTSV took the refreshed curriculum from First Tee HQ, and over the last year, worked extensively to tailor and customize the curriculum to our chapter. We took the opportunity to make our program stronger, enhance our coaching and participant resources, and structure the curriculum so it offers more rigor and options. Additionally, we set up an achievement challenge structure for participants that is centered around skill development and goals, as opposed to the anxiety of written assessments.

What we’re saying about the new approach

“Our core staff is truly excited to launch our refreshed curriculum this spring.” said George Maxe, FTSV President & CEO. “We have invested hundreds of hours making it one of the largest FTSV projects since 2005 to significantly improve the learning experience for our kids and teens.”

This spring we look forward to having another fun season of games and activities that help participants experience and engage with the refreshed curriculum. One of the new Life Skills added to our updated curriculum is Building a Positive Identity. Throughout the program, participants will have opportunities to develop their confidence, learn what it means to be the best versions of themselves, embrace their strengths, and use their strengths to make a difference.

For more information on our updated curriculum, please click here and see the “overview “ and “what we coach” sections

We look forward to bringing our program changes to participants and families. A special thank you to our team for their hard work in preparing and executing our program updates.

See you at the course!

RDP 2022 teen class part 2
*Rancho De Pueblo – 2022 Teen Class Part2