Participant Spotlight Story – Norah

Norah Yang is an ACE participant at First Tee — Silicon Valley. She joined our program in 2015 as a participant and is now a volunteer coach. She is a freshman at Castilleja School where she won MVP in her league.

In her time with FTSV she has been one of the leaders in her classes with the way she drives engaging conversations. Additionally, she actively listens to others and knows when to jump in when conversations stall.

As a coach she demonstrates teamwork and takes initiative to help others. When our coaches are setting up, she offers to help. Before a recent class one of our coaches was pushing the wheelbarrow full of game materials and Norah, who was practicing on the driving range, took action and asked if she could help carry items in the barrel. She was not supposed to start her responsibilities for another 15 minutes, but decided to stop her practicing to help. She treats everyone with respect and in turn is respected by her coaches and peers.

“When I see Norah at Baylands, she always asks me how I am doing and offers to help. It takes a lot of self-awareness and confidence to be able to notice when others are in need, and it shows a great sense of character as an individual,” shared Program Coordinator, Gabby Ruiz. According to Program Coordinator, Robby Keith, “She’s excellent in the way she relates to the participants, asking them questions about what they like, thus, representing a wonderful role model to the youth.”

Norah never changes her upbeat, polite attitude, and never comes across as being better than anyone else, which is refreshing given someone with her high skill level. In fact, she strives to learn more about her peers.

“First Tee means a lot to me, it has taught me so many lessons outside of what schools offer,” says Norah. “For example, I use goal-setting skills to manage my high school activities and apply the Nine Core Values to deal with various challenges and setbacks in my daily life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with the First Tee, and I am so happy to now be in a position where I can start to give back by volunteering to coach incoming FTSV students.”

She demonstrates high character, adds value to every class she is in, and embodies the supportive environment that we promote. We have no doubt she will be successful in anything she decides to pursue.

Interested in joining other participants like Norah? Please click here for our Youth Classes page. Our summer season will begin June 7th and end August 6th. Registration will begin, May 12th at 10am.