National Opportunities for First Tee – Silicon Valley Youth

Every year, First Tee – Silicon Valley high school participants are selected to apply for First Tee National opportunities. To be eligible to apply, participants must have been in our program for a minimum of 3 years, taken part in at least 2 seasons each year, demonstrated our Life Skills, and met the requirements set forth by First Tee Headquarters. 

Competition for the opportunities is high and spaces are limited. To be selected, applicants must write several short essays, add in their accomplishments in and out of the classroom, and include letters of recommendation. Applicants from across the country apply for the limited spaces and recipients get to experience opportunities of a lifetime. 

Opportunities offered:

  • First Tee College Scholarship Program – This program awards participants who excel in academics, leadership, character development, and chapter and community involvement with an up to $20,000 college scholarship.
  • First Tee Future Entrepreneurs presented by Wells Fargo – This opportunity celebrates promising First Tee alumni currently attending or who have graduated from an Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and provides them an opportunity for mentorship, networking, and personal and professional development.
  • First Tee Leadership Academy in partnership with PGA TOUR Superstore – This leadership development program teaches students how to build a successful team, empower others through authentic relationships, and assess team needs while developing solutions. 
  • First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. – The Game Changers Academy is a five-day learning and empowerment academy addressing issues of identity, racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Participant Advisory Council (PAC) – The PAC provides an important forum for youth to express themselves, voice their ideas, and provide input for projects or programs that impact the experience of all First Tee participants.
  • First Tee Drive Your Future Academy presented by John Deere – The Drive Your Future Academy is a female empowerment event recognizing young women who are motivated to influence positive impact at their chapters, schools and communities.
  • First Tee Innovators Forum – This forum equips and empowers First Tee teens to develop a meaningful service project in their communities focused on education, health, human rights, or environmental sustainability, learning from industry leaders through interactive workshops and small group breakout sessions.
  • First Tee National Championship – First Tee’s top players showcase their golf skills and strength of character needed to play under pressure at the collegiate and/or next level. First Tee National Championship is played at acclaimed college campuses, including Clemson University, Notre Dame and Stanford University, and is the only national event that is purely tournament golf.
  • PURE Insurance Championship Impacting First Tee – 81 FT participants get paired with a Senior Champions Tour player and take part in a nationally televised professional golf tournament at Pebble Beach Golf links. Juniors are measured on their playing ability as well as their personal growth and life skills learned through First Tee’s programs. 

Students are asked to fill out an application form including short answers with prompts like:

  • “Have you experienced or witnessed a situation that was not inclusive, and how did it make you feel?”
  • “What accomplishments are you most proud of on and off the golf course? How did First Tee help you with those accomplishments?”
  • “Reflecting on the activities completed in the local leadership series, how do your values and strengths guide you as a leader?”

Program Coordinator Phoenix Jarrell-Desch has been working directly with students on their short answer responses, helping to provide feedback as they complete their final drafts. “It has been so cool to learn more about what our participants are doing outside of the program and how the tools taught in FTSV classes have translated to their school and life experiences. I am more than impressed with the accomplishments and achievements our students have done, and I have high hopes for them to be accepted to these opportunities and to continue to grow in amazing ways.”

To find out more regarding our local, regional, and national opportunities please visit our youth opportunity page