FTSV Winter Season, Learning Through Fun!

FTSV makes learning fun with opportunities for participants to apply what was learned. For example, in school science classes participants need lab experiments to bring theory and make it reality. We learn how to cook, not only by reading a recipe, but through applying the recipes and through trial and error. We learn to ride a bike by getting on the bike and falling. Doing a lab experiment, making food, and riding a bike is more fun, engaging, and memorable, which translates into long lasting learning. Similarly, FTSV encourages participants to learn our life and golf skill curriculum through application, play, and reflection, as opposed to memorizing.

Our goal is to make education fun and interactive. To make our lessons fun and interactive requires our staff to be creative with the games that we play. It also involves enthusiasm from our team of coaches. Fortunately, in our most recent survey, 98% of participants said they had fun, 97% said their coaches helped them improve their golf skills, and 94% said their coaches helped them improve their life skills.

This winter we look forward to having another fun season of games that tie in life lessons and golf skill development. Our winter season registration opened to the public on November 3rd. By the end of the first day of registration, over 300 participants registered for a class. Currently, there are a few spaces still remaining for the season beginning on November 29th and ending February 4th (with two weeks off on December 20th through December 31st.) Click here to register and here to view the schedule.

FTSV’s classes take place at Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, and Gavilan Golf Course in Gilroy.  We encourage youth 2nd grade and above to join our program and help spread the word.

For more information on our programs please visit https://www.firstteesiliconvalley.org/. To register please click here

We hope to see you at the course!