First Tee – Silicon Valley and Fit Kids Collaborate

First Tee — Silicon Valley (FTSV) has partnered with Fit Kids since 2019, bringing Fit Kids exercise curriculum and equipment into FTSV’s warm up activities. Fit Kids mission is to provide structured physical activity programs for underserved children to build the foundation for a healthy, active life.

On February 4th, FTSV hosted the Fit Kids video team at Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course. The team recorded videos of class exercises and interviews of coaches and participants that help tell the story of our partnership and collaboration. The video will be showcased at Fit Kids’ upcoming fundraiser at Sharon Heights Country Club on Wednesday, April 26th.

What we’re saying about the Fit Kids

“(Pun intended,) I think that Fit Kids’ curriculum and equipment are a perfect fit for FTSV’s class warm-ups,” says George Maxe, FTSV President & CEO. “FTSV’s core competency is character building and Fit Kids’ is physical activity programs making what we each do very complementary. What’s more, we both work hard to bring our programs to low-income kids. Together, we’re making a big difference.”

“Fit Kids curriculum and equipment elevates our warm up activities,” says Program Director, Chris Moreno-Hunt. “The activities and equipment help make exercising fun, but also help our coaches with games that break the ice and lead to an increase peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.”

Fit Kids Blaster Ball