FTSV 2023 Winter Season – Registration on November 8th

Registration for our 2023 winter season opens here on Wednesday, November 8th at 11am and closes on Thursday, November 16th at Noon. The 8-week winter season begins the week of November 28th and ends February3rd, with no classes December 19th through December 30th.

Register on November 8th and take part in engaging and fun life skill and golf skill classes at either Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto, or Gavilan College Golf Course in Gilroy.

Financial aid is available. We make our programs accessible to youth of different backgrounds and perspectives and affordable to families experiencing financial hardship.

New this year

This year we have a new, expanded, long-term use agreement at Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course so more classes are available at Rancho than ever before!

Select your grade group

Classes are broken down by grade group, so feel free to invite a friend and take part in our winter classes. This past fall season we had a record 629 participants take classes, so please mark your calendar for November 8th to make sure you secure your spot. The schedule is now posted here.

Each week our participants will experience one of our 6 Life Skills and 6 Golf Cues. Our life skills cover everything from goal setting, building a positive self-identity to collaboration skills. Most importantly we strive to integrate the skills seamlessly through age-appropriate games and activities that make classes and learning fun.

Each of our life skills have multiple variations that are tailored for each grade group. Here is an example of how our life skill of “Collaboration” is structured for the different grade groups:

  • Grades 2-4 – collaboration through using good sportsmanship
  • Grades 5-6 – collaboration using ALR (ask, listen, respond) to understand and appreciate others
  • Grades 7-8 – collaboration by embracing people’s differences and variety of perspectives
  • Grades 9-12 – collaboration using CARE (communicate, actively listen, review options, end with a win-win) to resolve issues together.

We encourage youth 2nd grade and above to join our program and ask that you help spread the word. For more information click here. Click here to view our program video and learn more from our participants, parents, and coaches!

See you at the course!