Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

The First Tee Coach Philosophy was created with the help of youth development experts to deliver an engaging and supportive program. We have built our coaching framework that supports the four coach building blocks and helps our instructors and volunteers execute our guiding principles: relationships, teamwork, and engagement.

Empowering Youth

  • Relationship focused coaching
  • Filling emotional tank
  • Asking open-ended questions and building rapport
  • Creating an environment that promotes emotional and physical safety
  • Fostering empathy, teamwork, and inclusion


  • Doing versus telling
  • Asking reflection-based questions to facilitate learning
  • Creating more time for skill building through seamless integration
  • Delivering our Try, Show, Try, Play coaching model

Mastery Driven

  • Process versus the outcome
  • Coaching and rewarding the process (skill-building and effort)
  • Attention on intention
  • Focusing on the objective of the day and not 4-5 objectives at one time

Continuous Learning

  • Growth mindset versus fixed mindset
  • Valuing effort, resiliency, and learning from mistakes
  • Coachable moments
  • Using class experiences to self-assesses and make adjustments