Summer Class Registration Opened 5/12 – A Place for Social Interaction

FTSV opened registration May 12th for the Summer Season. Over 300 participants have already registered for the Summer which is already the highest number we have been able to have since COVID 19. The PLAYer level (first level) classes at Rancho Del Pueblo and Baylands Golf Courses are full, but there are still PLAYer level spaces available at Gavilan Golf Course in Gilroy and space for our Par, Birdie, Eagle, and Ace levels at all three golf courses. Register now before they fill up. The summer season will begin June 8th and end August 7th. Our team is looking forward to the summer. We are committed towards delivering a program that delivers core life lessons and golf fundamentals, but also creates a space for participants to develop social skills and build tools for social and emotional wellness. Even though golf is mostly an individual sport, it provides opportunities to build relationships, network, and socialize. When playing on the golf course, we get paired with other golfers and get to spend hours on the golf course together. What better way to develop interpersonal skills than on the golf course playing a game with other people? In our class participants practice sportsmanship, compete, and bond over our games and activities on the practice areas and on the golf course. Even though we cannot shake hands like we used to, we still encourage asking open-ended questions to one another. In a time where social interaction has been hindered, we all could use a friendly group setting where we can have fun together and make new friends. To learn more about our group classes and register please visit our youth classes page or call 408-508-4880.