Show Up for Others – Be a Volunteer Coach!

“No kind action ever stops with itself. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions,” said Amelia Earhart. Becoming a coach allows one to be there for others, and in doing so sets forth a cycle of compassion and altruism. There is no better example of this than with our junior coaches. Almost all of our junior coaches were once participants who looked up to their junior coaches as role models. Now their goal is to pay it forward for the next generation.

First Tee — Silicon Valley is looking for high quality, caring people that are interested in showing up for others, and guiding others so they become even better people and leaders of tomorrow. Our volunteer coaches are responsible for bringing our core lessons to life by finding and using coachable moments. They also work together to make the classes fun and engaging and build a space where mentoring relationships can be formed and grow.

Relationships Matter:

The Search Institute surveyed over 25,000 youth and found that when young people experienced strong developmental relationships with program leaders they were more likely to:

  • Exhibit leadership and social responsibility
  • Develop a sense of community identity
  • Set goals and stretch themselves to reach goals

According to the same study, only about half of the students reported that their youth program leaders expressed care, provided support, and shared power with them. Our goal is to set an emotional climate where all of our participants feel cared for and supported. Thanks to the dedication of our coaches, we are pleased to announce the following numbers from our most recent participant survey:

  • 95% said their coaches cared about them.
  • 92% said their coaches did a good job assisting them with their life skill development.

Coaching makes a difference.

When we ask and survey our advanced participants about their experience in First Tee, them overwhelmingly credit their coaches for improving their communication skills, and their ability to overcome challenges. Additionally, they say they are appreciative of the relationships they formed and the confidence they gained from having their coach believe in them. In a national study across the First Tee network, 87% of First Tee alumni said their relationships with their coaches were meaningful and grew stronger over time. These relationships were based on empathy, high positive expectations, and advocacy (e.g., open doors and eyes to new experiences). According to our participant surveys over the last year, on average:

  • 86% said their life skills have improved.
  • 95% said their golf skills have improved.
  • 97% said their coaches made the classes fun.
  • 93% said they felt part of the group.

When participants have a group of coaches who care about them and work to make learning fun, it results in increased acquired skills and positive youth development.

Coaching is fulfilling and beneficial!

  • Coach Mark – “I started coaching First Tee to help kids learn golf, a sport I love. Interestingly I quickly found out how much more meaningful it is for me to see them learn life skills. It’s witnessing the life skill growth that now really moves me.”
  • Coach Rob – “Understanding how much the juniors look up to the coaches and how much of an effect we have on their lives is impactful.”
  • Coach Gabby – “Coaching boosted my confidence in my communication skills and gave me a platform to be a role model for the youth.”
  • Coach Matt – “FTSV has introduced me to wonderful people and helped me form indispensable relationships. FTSV helps me better the lives of my students and myself!”
  • Coach Misa – “Coaching has given me the opportunity to strengthen my skills as a coach and learn how to navigate and create new relationships with each student and point them in the right direction to help them achieve their short and long-term goals. I am reminded every week of the inclusivity that FTSV has and am proud to be part of this organization.”
  • Coach Jack – “FTSV encourages personal growth and responsibility in a FUN way among friends and caring coaches in a sport that can last a lifetime.”

What if I am not an expert coach or golfer?

Our coaches come from all walks of life with different life and golf experiences. We provide life and golf skill training as well training on coach strategies, techniques, and on our coach philosophy. Our goal is to make sure every coach feels supported. Additionally, we have created lesson plans to help everyone is work together and support one another in the content and delivery. There will always be a lead coach for each class coordinating the group of coaches.

What is the time requirement?

  • Volunteer coaches can choose from several class options by location, day of the week and time.
  • Time commitment is 2.5 hours a day, once a week for an 8-week season. 2.5 hours include a 30-minute pre-class meeting, 1.5-hour class, and a 30-minute post-class debrief.

How do I get started?

  • Visit our volunteer page and click on the volunteer form.
  • Or contact Julie Donnellan at 408-508-4882 or [email protected]
  • Click here for our volunteer tri-fold for more information
  • We are accepting volunteers year-round, but to be able to coach in the next season you will need to complete the on-boarding steps by 5/15 for Summer, 8/15 for Fall, 11/15 for Winter, and 2/15 for Spring.

Join our team, learn/develop coaching skills, make a difference in the youth, and give back to the community! Please help us spread the word. The more positive and dedicated coaches, the better the program, and the more impactful it is for our youth.