Self-Esteem Grows When Strengthened and Developed by Mentors

Low Self-Esteem = Low Self-Worth

A variety of factors contribute to low self-esteem including External Expectations. External Expectations impact our identities by affecting our ability to be the person that we want to be VERSUS the person that society demands us to be. For example, when guardians assume that there is only one way to learn, youth may feel trapped and afraid to ask for help due to fear of rejection. Changing ourselves to meet External Expectations can be extremely damaging to our self-esteem and thus, our overall well-being. Low self-esteem commonly leads to being self-critical, focusing on the negatives, giving into peer-pressure, and making poor choices. First Tee commits to: “Helping youth on and off of the course to find their self-confidence, discover what they’re capable of, and feel safe being themselves by encouraging ongoing discussions and providing consistent support as they explore who they are and who they will become”.

Happier and Healthier Existence

First Tee believes that Self-confidence grows when we work to strengthen and develop it, through the cycle of trying, failing and trying again until the goal is achieved”. It is our mission to create a safe and compassionate space for youth to learn, to make mistakes, to ask questions, and to embrace their uniqueness. As guardians, coaches, and mentors, we are in the position to model and to teach positive support and self-confidence by treating ourselves, others, and our surroundings with respect. By empowering youth to make meaningful decisions, we are sharing power and providing them with the opportunity to grow and to succeed. By teaching youth to set and follow-through with attainable goals that are important to them, we are providing a sense of responsibility, control, and hope for the future. Work with youth to find a level of success that will help them develop confidence, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game of golf! By exposing youth to mindfulness practices (ex: deep breathing) and coping skills (ex: painting), we are utilizing their unique skills and interests while supporting them with emotion regulation and management. Be a Go-To Person by listening to and seeking to understand our youth and by supporting them through ongoing challenges- this is one way to build a brighter and stronger future!

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