Register Now for Student-Centered Classes

How do you learn best? This is a question we pose to our participants in the survey we pass out each season. The participants consistently rank the three in the following order,  # 1 – learn by doing, #2 –  learn by seeing, and #3 – learn by hearing.

Learning by doing is a student-centered approach to learning where coaches facilitate through guiding, open-ended questions and participants have a more hands-on approach to learning the material. For us that means participants are asked to demonstrate and reflect on how they are using the life lesson and golf skill in the games. Our coaches are encouraged to meet the students where they are and adapt to the individual.  Contrastingly, a teacher–centered approach is one that includes information being passed on in the form of a lecture or a direct instruction from the coach. Everyone learns differently and learning through hearing does work for some so there is a part of our classes where our coaches tell and explain the skill.

However, far more frequently we want to guide them and engage them using games. For that reason, our staff spends time and energy into making our games not just fun and visually enticing, but also purposeful to help put participants into situations where they can experience and work on the specific golf and life skill of the day.

This Winter season we are excited to present a myriad of golf activities and our goal is that participants have fun while learning.

Registration for the Winter season is now open. There are a few spaces still available, especially for our Par level. The season itself will start November 30th and will end February 5th with two break weeks 12/19 to 1/3. The classes will take place at Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, and Gavilan Golf Course in Gilroy.  We encourage everyone 2nd grade and above to join our program and help spread the word. For more information on our programs please visit and click here for the Winter schedule.

We hope to see you at the course!