Positive Coaching Alliance Training Camp

On March 11th, First Tee — Silicon Valley hosted a coach training led by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) trainer, Peter Wood. The training is the 2nd time that our two organizations came together to deliver a coach training. The first instance occurred in 2020, and was the pilot training/collaboration that led to a national partnership between First Tee and PCA.

PCA’s content, training, and resources are now shared nationwide, throughout First Tee ‘s network. Both First Tee – Silicon Valley and PCA share common coach philosophies centered around process-focused coaching, participant empowerment, and a positive and supportive team culture. The latter was the focus of our most recent joint training.

Golf is usually seen as an individual sport — ‘you versus the course.’ However, in our First Tee classes we strive to help participants feel like their class is more of a team. We believe participants become a better version of themselves when they have the space to be who they are, surrounded by supportive people, and part of a cohesive team. Building a team culture is not easy and can’t be forced, but it must be intentional goal. To that point, we are grateful that PCA shared their resources and worked with our coaching team on techniques to establish a team-first culture.

Feeling supportive and connected is especially important given our change from a level-based program to a grade-based program. Being together by grade helps with friendship, but also can result in a class with varying skill levels. However, when a strong team culture is established, participants work together to support one another and lift each other up. It is easier to collectively grow through challenges when you are supported by a team.

What PCA is saying about FTSV

Working with PCA has been a shining example of teamwork. “Chris and I work quite seamlessly together in putting together curriculum for FTSV coaches’ training,” says Senior PCA Trainer, Peter Wood. “That is a testament to Chris’ proficiency, as well as the common visions and values that both PCA and FTSV share in our respective work. Much of that shared vision and set of values manifest itself in our focus on helping young kids develop into great older kids, and adults. We care a lot about the kids acquiring a good set of technical skills to be able to enjoy and play golf, but way more important than that is to help kids absorb invaluable life lessons in their athletic pursuit. This is the charge of youth serving organizations coaches around the country, and it’s a very cool thing when two large national organizations like PCA and First Tee join forces to try to make this all happen- a worthy pursuit if there ever was one.”

“I want to acknowledge how fantastic it was to work with the coaches of FTSV this past month. Their love of what they do, their collegiality, and their patience are a tribute to themselves as coaches and individuals, as well as to the Program Director, Chris.  There are a lot of things being done right at FTSV, and not only could I witness it, I could feel it.  Hats off to the coaches and everyone at FTSV!  I hope I get a chance to work with everyone there again.”