Outreach at Taft Elementary “Snags” New Participants

On November 19th, The First Tee of Silicon Valley made its way up the Peninsula to Taft Elementary and exposed new kids to its wonderful program. Over the course of the day 200 students ranging from 2nd to 5th grade participated in various games and activities, focusing on respect and the fundamentals of holding a golf club. Equipped with plastic SNAG clubs and tennis balls, the students had a blast as they were encouraged to explore the game and what it has to offer. With some Taft Elementary students having participated in the past, the excitement and energy these students brought to the game created an incredibly supportive and cheerful atmosphere. By the end of the day 71 new students had expressed interest in joining the golf course class program, and had waited excitedly in line to ensure their names were taken down on Coach Chris’s list of hopeful new participants. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Taft Elementary and Redwood City  PAL for helping to make this possible!