FTSV in the Community

As schools return so do FTSV’s outreach program and outreach events.

In August, FTSV attended a National Night Out event at Capitol Park in East San Jose. Families from the surrounding area, which is located 5 minutes from Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course, gathered in a festive event put on by District 5’s Capitol Goss/Dobern Park. FTSV set up our plastic clubs, Velcro targets and marketing material then interacted with families, police officers, and fire fighters, who even played a few of our games.

Later in the month, FTSV attended a community “Maze Day” where parents/guardians of schools in North Fair Oaks and Redwood City go to sign up for classes, get backpacks, and learn about the myriad of community organizations.

In September, FTSV will be participating in an ARUSD Back to the District event, and a community partner night at Police Activities League – Redwood City.

In addition to the community events, FTSV is engaging in discussions with over 15 schools to bring our Community Partner outreach program (CP program) back into their PE and afterschool programs. Participating students are then able to play golf games and learn our Nine Core Values at their schools. Students who enjoy the CP program are encouraged to also join our golf course program at Rancho Del Pueblo, Baylands, or Gavilan Golf Courses. We are fortunate to have several participants that joined our golf course program through a CP program or through a community event, and have progressed to our advance levels. Most of whom are giving back and mentoring the younger participants as volunteer coaches, and some have even assisted us in the aforementioned community events.

“Our team enjoys speaking with families and community partners,” says FTSV Program Director, Chris Moreno-Hunt. “Collaboration and giving back are key for a strong community and we are fortunate to work with a team of community and school leaders that share that vision.”

If you are interested in our CP outreach program, please click here, or contact us at 408-508-4885.

If you are interested in having us attend a community event, please call 408-508-4884.