FTSV High School Graduates!

First Tee – Silicon Valley would like to wish our 2021 class a big congratulations on their high school graduation! We are proud of who they are, and what they have accomplished in and out of the classroom. We believe every kid and teen deserves the chance to build inner strength before the world demands it, to find the joy that comes with feeling confident in their own skin before the world makes it feel impossible, and to access experiences and spaces where personal growth happens. We exist to enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. Building Game Changers! Our kids and teens are facing challenges unseen by previous generations. Many lack access to safe opportunities that foster a culture of acceptance and provide mentorship. They live in a world where social pressures are always on, calm and confidence are hard to access and perseverance is a required superpower every day. Young people are growing in new environments that are demanding more from them, and therefore more from us. Our Seniors have been involved with FTSV between 4-11 years, excelling as participants, and giving back as volunteer coaches. They have become a better version of themselves by having the space to be who they are, surrounded by passionate mentors who guide them to see what they are capable of. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited for what lies ahead. Good luck class of 2021. We are proud of you! Amanda Flores – Eagle – 5 years – Will be attending San Jose State University Andrew Choi  – Ace – 7 years Christopher Fox – Ace – 10 years – Will be attending Dickinson College Tony Polanco  – Ace – 6 years – Will be attending Chapman University Borina Sutikto – Ace – 9 years – Will be attending Santa Clara University Rachel Truong – Ace – 4 years Kelly Yu – Ace – 10 years – Will be attending Boston College The participants above progressed through our program and either participated in the Eagle or the Ace levels. The Eagle level is our second highest level in our program (4 of 5). Eagle participants refine their golf playing skills with emphasis course management and ball flight, learn to develop their leadership skills, and utilize cooperative and collaborative communication strategies. They also learn to build healthy mental and physical habits, and explore what it means to appreciate diversity. The Ace level is the top level in the program. Ace participants take a series of (4) 8-week projects that focuses on career development, post high school education preparation/exploration, volunteerism, and advanced mental and physical golf training. Making it through our program takes commitment, perseverance, and consistent demonstration of the First Tee Nine Core Values. We look forward to the participants taking what they learned and using their life skills to make the world a better place. For more information on our mission, curriculum, coaching, and how to get started please visit https://www.firstteesiliconvalley.org/.