Great News! FTSV Expands Access at Rancho Up to 2048

Great news! FTSV has a new agreement for expanded access at Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course for our character building programs for the next 25 years. Our plans are well underway to increase the number of classes that each individual participant can take and to double the total number of kids and teens in our program.

The City of San Jose leased Rancho, Los Lagos, and San Jose Muni to CourseCo for up to 25 years this past April 2023. FTSV is grateful to City Council and CourseCo for sharing the vision to transform Rancho into more of a “community (golf) center.”

“FTSV built our program at Rancho over the last 21 years and we are thrilled to have a new long-term agreement. It is a strong indication that CourseCo is serious about significantly increasing the community’s benefit of Rancho.” said George Maxe, FTSV President & CEO. “We are excited to have CourseCo as a partner as we make Rancho an even more welcoming place for kids, teens, and San Jose residents, especially those who live on the Eastside.”

Fall Registration opens on Wednesday, August 16th with more classes for more kids to participate. There are also coaching positions available for both paid and volunteer roles to join our team.

Stay tuned as we begin to make improvements to realize our exciting vision for Rancho that helps change the game for our community. Contact George Maxe at [email protected] or 408-288-2937 if you have any questions or would like to help with underwriting.