FTSV Classes Teach Kids to Overcome Challenges and Manage Emotions

Register your child for the Fall Season on August 11th

First Tee – Silicon Valley classes are a great opportunity for participants to learn many life lessons including overcoming challenges and managing emotions.  Registration for the fall program opens 8/11 at 10am. Fall season begins September 6th  and ends October 29th.

There are three zones that people fluctuate between when confronted with challenges;  panic zone, stretch zone, and comfort zone. The adjectives below in each zone represent common feelings that we either learn to manage, strive for, or develop tools to overcome.

(RYAN, A. AND MARKOVA, D., 2006)

In our program we provide strategies for participants to manage emotions, especially those associated in the panic zone (listed above).

Performance, as evident by the chart above, is tied to mentality and motivation. Our goal is to help our participants find motivation and embrace new challenges as opportunities to grow. We set up engaging golf games that challenge our participants, and assist our participants in setting personal goals that matter to them. When met with challenges, we aim to equip participants with tools to learn from mistakes, and not dwell on them. We practice confidence-building routines and self-talk, and focus on techniques for being positive, patient, and asking for help.

Living in the panic zone causes anxiety, which overtime can lead to burn out. Living in the comfort zone can result in boredom and apathy, which can also drive a participant away. However, when participants live in the stretch zone, golf becomes a game for life,  it keeps us stiving for more, and keeps us excited for what is next.

In our most recent survey, over 95% of our participants said they had fun. If participants are happy, engaged, and motivated, then they are more likely to embrace the tools for overcoming challenges. This fall we look forward to another fun season and helping participants push themselves to new limits, and build tools to manage the panic thoughts should they come.

Registration for the fall season opens Thursday, August 11th at 10am. The season will start September 6th and will end October 29th.  The classes will take place at Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, and Gavilan Golf Course in Gilroy.  We encourage youth 2nd grade and above to join our program and help spread the word. For more information on our programs please visit https://www.firstteesiliconvalley.org/. and click here for the fall schedule. To register please click here

We hope to see you at the course!