First Tee – Silicon Valley Outreach in  12 Schools

As the school year is now well underway, so too is First Tee’s Community Program (CP). Between delivering a school-wide First Tee lesson at The Primary School in East Palo Alto, connecting with families at the Parent University event at Alum Rock School District, and conducting trainings for several CP partners, our staff have been enthusiastically facilitating individual site deliveries and strengthening relationships with schools and community organizations. There are currently 12 active CP partners delivering First Tee lessons on-site.  

            One of our 12 active community partners is Anne Darling Elementary whose after-school program is led by CORAL (Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning). Time and time again they have illustrated just how impactful our partnerships can be. Through the efforts of her and her staff, the students of Anne Darling have not only been exposed to the benefits of First Tee – Silicon Valley’s (FTSV) lessons, they have taken those lessons and applied them across a wide area of their schooling. There has been “an increase in self-confidence, teamwork, and excitement from all of our students” says Valerie Sanchez, Site Manager for Anne Darling Elementary. Their team has “noticed an increase in attendance, engagement, and positive behavior” in their students since partnering with FTSV. She attributes this positive change to “their excitement to play” and “engage in the fun lessons that are offered,” and says that this excitement “motivates [the students] to complete all their work.”

At the conclusion of their CP classes, FTSV Program Coordinator, Joe Stuban, organizes a field trip so the participants can take the lessons learned at school and apply them at our nearby golf location, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course. At the field trip our team of FTSV coaches delivers a typical FTSV lesson on the driving range and putting green. “These participants bring the energy, show respect, and have a blast,” says FTSV Program Coordinator and Coach, Manny Gallardo. On these field trips students trade out the plastic clubs and tennis balls that they use for the CP program and get to explore real clubs and the real deal.

FTSV encourages and provides opportunities for participants that have taken our CP program and experienced a field trip, to transition into our 8-week golf course program. The combination of the CP program, field trip, and golf course program provides chances for participants like those at Anne Darling, to learn the game of golf, and more importantly apply life lessons that build character.

We are grateful for our community partners and look forward to providing our fun and engaging educational program to more participants in 2023.

If you are interested in our CP outreach program, please click here, or contact us at 408-508-4885. If you are interested in having us attend a community event, please call 408-508-4884.