First Tee – Silicon Valley Mentor Junior Tournament

The First Tee – Silicon Valley Mentor Junior Golf Tournament was a total blast! At Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course, younger FTSV participants paired up with the high school players, working together to do their best. Fun was had by all as the younger participants were able to experience competitive golf, some of them for the first time, while the older participants helped lead by example on the golf course.

A Collaborative Experience

During the Mentor/Junior Golf Tournament, we provide an opportunity for our youngest participants to learn from some of the older ones. They played together in a Shamble format, where everyone hit their drive, the team picked the best one, and they played their own balls from there. It was a very collaborative experience, and the best part was how people were able to make new friends and learn from one another.

Showing Respect

One of the biggest life skills demonstrated during the event was how to show respect. Starting from the first interaction, participants were introducing themselves, shaking hands and making everyone feel seen and comfortable as the round began. Golf etiquette was on full display, with divots and ball marks being repaired, and teammates encouraging and complimenting each other as the day went on. Showing respect for one another is a big part of First Tee – Silicon Valley, and during the Mentor/Junior tournament, it became clear how much our participants really live the values taught. All in all, everyone had fun, and bonds were built between our young participants and our returners.