First Tee – Silicon Valley 2022 Annual Review

First Tee – Silicon Valley (FTSV) had a productive rebuilding year working hard to grow our course participation, school partners and coaching staff due to the lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our non-profit had its highest revenue year ever hitting the $1.8M mark. FTSV is proud to share our annual operations are stronger than ever and we are optimistic about launching a comprehensive campaign to endow our programs and build facilities that will secure our future growth and stability.

FTSV Annual Review Infographic

Youth Opportunities

FTSV Teens were selected for various leadership and golf opportunities where many received special recognition through scholarships. Meet one of our Teens!

Nancy Rivera was selected to the First Tee College Scholarship Program. The First Tee Innovators Forum empowered selected First Tee teens to develop a meaningful service project in their communities focusing on raising awareness on global issues focusing on education, health, and sustainability. Twenty-six participants were selected from across the country and had the opportunity to learn from global industry leaders through interactive workshops and small group breakout sessions. As a result of group workshops and motivating speeches by Frank and others, Nancy narrowed in on her project, which will provide resources to promote and explain higher education in low income and undocumented communities.

Nancy said this about her work…

“As a first generation in my family to go college and graduate high school, I have faced challenges such as understanding the college application process, college requirements, and federal documents/financial options,” said Nancy. “Being able to have mentors in First Tee and taking the FTSV Educational Ace project has definitely helped me through this difficult and foreign process. I know others in my position are not exposed to the same opportunities or guidance, which led me to think that everyone should have a support system or a place where they are able to go and receive this help for free. For my family and I, it was not just the higher educational process that was challenging or was unknown, but navigating this space in a foreign language that made it that much more challenging, and is why I want to provide this help in Spanish.”

“I want to provide different workshops that can help with the college application process like filling out FAFSA, or preparing for the common application process, or discussing financial options. Many schools do not offer this information and specifically do not offer it in Spanish which is what I would like to change. I want to break down stereotypes and would like our families to see higher education as being possible. I have already started reserving meeting spaces, thanks to my school, to host several of these workshops…” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Nancy Rivera first tee participant