Emotional and Social Well-Being – Register Now For Summer Classes

Registration for the summer program opens 5/12 at 10am. Summer begins June 7th and ends August 6th.

Is happiness a choice that is under our control, or is it a product of our surroundings and constantly shaped by external factors? Maybe it is a bit of both, and although our surroundings are not under our control, how we think and act is. We have control over our awareness and practice of social and emotional well-being, which is a foundation for happiness.

Emotional well-being involves identifying and operating from our strengths rather than focusing on our weaknesses. It involves reflecting and recognizing how we are feeling, why we are feeling that way, and then choosing the appropriate way to react to that situation. When participants hit a bad shot the tendency is to dwell on their mistakes, which hinders their ability to see the positives and be in a head space necessary to successfully make adjustments.

It is important to learn from mistakes, and there is a distinction between learning and dwelling. Dwelling decreases the confidence in oneself, which negatively impacts the ability or desire to persevere. On the other hand, learning involves self-reflection which gives us the tools to persevere. Our program encourages participants to make a conscious choice to self-reflect and identify what they did well, what they enjoyed, and how to manage their frustrations so that they are having fun while learning through challenges. How they feel after a bad shot is not a choice, we feel what we feel, but what we do with that feeling is a choice.

If emotional wellness involves internal reflection, social well-being involves mutually respectfully and compassionate interactions with others. In our classes we teach participants to “Ask, Listen, Respond” as a tool for engaging conversations. Social well-being also includes surrounding oneself with positive and supportive individuals. If one does not feel included or supported, it is more difficult to feel happy. Our coaches enjoy using the time in our games, on the course, in our warm up, and during transitions to get to know each other.

By better understanding ourselves and those around us, we set the stage for a more empathetic, and compassionate community.

In our most recent survey over 79% of our participants said they made friends in their class and 95% said they felt their coaches cared about them. We believe having a supportive and inclusive environment, coupled with learning how to manage our emotions and build confidence will lead to increase happiness. If participants are happy, then we are happy. This summer we look forward to building emotional and social well-being. This summer we look forward to having fun. Come join us!

Registration for the Summer season opens Thursday, May 12th at 10am. The actual season will start June 7th and will end August 6th. Our break week is June 27th to July 3rd. The classes will take place at Baylands Golf Links in Palo Alto, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course in San Jose, and Gavilan Golf Course in Gilroy.  We encourage youth 2nd grade and above to join our program and help spread the word. For more information on our programs please visit https://www.firstteesiliconvalley.org/. and click here for the summer schedule. To register please click here

We hope to see you at the course!