Create a positive impact on the world – Volunteer Coaches

Doing things for others simply to do something positive is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. There is a tremendous gratification that comes from using your time to create a positive impact on the world. When people volunteer with First Tee – Silicon Valley, they become part of a community of helpers, a community of kind, caring individuals wanting to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Make a difference for others… make a difference for yourself!

Not only are our coaches making a huge difference in the lives of our young participants, they are also greatly benefiting themselves as well. The fun, supportive and interesting folks who volunteer with FTSV end up becoming friends with each other, looking forward to spending their class time alongside their fellow coaches. From golfing buddies to friends to role models, our coaches and volunteers develop strong relationships with one another as they work together to help kids. Our coaches also make large personal gains in their own skill sets, including mentorship, communication, patience, planning and facilitation. All of these skills are helpful in and outside the workplace, making our coaches very well rounded and capable individuals.

Interested in making a positive impact?

If these benefits sound like something you would be interested in, please fill out our volunteer form to learn more about how you can get involved! From coaching to administrative support and even one-off event day help, there are many ways to join the FTSV team.

Email [email protected] with any questions or interest.

Let’s hear directly from some of our awesome coaches about some of the great parts of working with First Tee…

How has working/volunteering with First Tee – Silicon Valley given you a sense of community?

“Working with the kids is always great, but it’s incredibly special to build relationships with students across multiple seasons. Building that consistency and experience together really creates a space where you can dive beyond what you normally would be able to in a single season.”

– Coach Trevor

“FTSV has provided me with the most positive and engaging sense of community. It is something that I take pride in being a part of. It is more than just a golf program. It gives our participants, families, volunteers, coaches, core staff, and everyone a safe place to be welcomed and encouraged to be themselves. Building the relationships with everyone is really impactful to a positive environment.”  

– Coach Kyle

“Everyone who works at the First Tee and all the participants are so friendly and welcoming. We plan fun events outside of coaching like Taco Tuesdays.”

– Coach John

What kinds of skills have you yourself developed and/or improved through your coaching?

“Through coaching at First Tee, I have improved my communication skills, teaching children has enhanced my ability to break down complex ideas in an appropriate way for any audience. Coaching has also helped to further develop my leadership skills by taking leading activities, mentoring participants, and setting a positive example for junior volunteers.”

– Coach Ysabelle

“The skills I’ve developed and improved through First Tee are the different ways to Coach and influence our participants to take something away from class each day. Whether that be a golf cue or a life skill, I get fulfillment out of the participants being able to share something they learned with their family or friends after class.” 

– Coach Tanner

How do you see yourself making a difference?

“I feel like a difference has been made in the student when they feel comfortable enough in their environment to proactively ask and learn a new concept that’s not part of the lesson for the day. It could be a golf skill or a life skill- if a student cares enough to want to learn even when there’s no tangible reward, they’ve reached a mindset that will carry them far beyond the class they’re in now.”

– Coach Trevor

“Seeing the transformation of our participants over the years is when I feel I am making the biggest difference. Seeing the participants social and life skills improve is the most gratifying part of the job. When the kids ask for advice or things not golf related is truly important. We also have value as a mentor. Just listening and having a meaningful conversation will make a difference with everyone.”

– Coach Kyle

“We provide a safe space for the participants to have fun while still learning life lessons. You can tell they all feel welcomed in class by the coaches and other participants and are excited to be there. Throughout the season you can see students become more confident in their golf abilities, and with who they are as people.”

– Coach Megan

Is there anything else you’d like to add about being a First Tee coach?

“I’m honored and proud to be part of the first tee family! These have been the best years of my life. I feel like I have made a positive impact on the community I grew up in. Seeing the diversity in our program is a true reflection of our community. Nothing has been more rewarding than passing on these positive traits and values to the next generation of leaders.”

– Coach Kyle