Coach Manny Is FTSV’s South County Cornerstone

Manny is the cornerstone of FTSV’s programs based out of Gavilan College Golf Course in Gilroy. FTSV is blessed to have him on staff and as the leader/coordinator of all our South County programs. Manny manages all Gavilan classes, class equipment, coaching supplies, Girls Golf, and our quarterly participant tournaments. Manny is a huge asset to FTSV staff and participants. He is reliable, consistent, creative, level-headed, and supportive. Our team can always depend on Manny to get the job done as well as assist others as they need help. FTSV participants love Coach Manny, who is a constant, caring presence in their lives. Manny joined our FTSV staff in 2012 as a Volunteer, 2013 as a part-time Instructor, and 2016 as a full-time Coordinator. He is now one of our most-trained coaches. Prior to joining FTSV and along the way, he was the Girls Golf Coach at Christopher High School from 2008 to 2018. This experience makes Manny a great fit for coordinating FTSV’s Girls Golf program. “First Tee has really earned a special place in my heart,” says Manny. “Having the opportunity to spend my days out in the sunshine teaching kids how to be better, kinder people is something I’m truly grateful for. I’m proud to say that I belong to an organization like this one.” Some less known facts about Manny include rooting for the New England Patriots and Phoenix Suns and enjoying all things Disney. The more you get to know him, the more you appreciate his whimsical spirit, mellow style, warmth, and thoughtfulness. Mix all this in with his grounding and it is obvious that he is a great fit for FTSV and as a coach. According to Program Director Chris Moreno-Hunt, “Manny is a pillar of our program. He has helped the program grow over the years both in terms of numbers and in impact. He is versatile and excels in his many roles, whether that includes developing new engaging games, delivering outreach classes, managing our golf club program, coordinating our tournaments, and making people feel welcome. We are grateful for his work and lucky to have him in our First Tee team. Thank you, Manny!