Chapter Championship Tournament

First Tee – Silicon Valley hosted the Chapter Championship Tournament for the first time at Gavilan College Golf Course on May 21st. Thirty-six FTSV players competed in an individual stroke play along with players from different levels. It was beneficial for both advanced and beginner players as they experienced a different environment. Usually, participants play with other participants of their level, but in these pairings, they were able to see different skills and various ways of using golf course management. Ace participant Franky found herself guiding the Par and Birdie level players in her group with golf course rules. This unique opportunity allowed Franky to play her game while naturally being a mentor for the younger participants. Furthermore, Coach Gabby was extremely impressed and proud of the players, “They conquered the windy conditions, which can be tough for even the best golfers.” This showed their perseverance, good use of judgment as well as confidence to play golf in harsh conditions. Congratulations to all of our participants for competing in this year’s FTSV Chapter Championship Tournament!



  1. Jiabao Zhou
  2. Juwon Yu
  3. Tyler Tu


  1. Benjamin Hughes
  2. Shreyash Avasarala
  3. Varnika Arun


  1. David Harrigan
  2. Francesca Sumcad
  3. Tristan Hipolito & Gabriel Garcia