Caddy Club Majors Continues with PGA Championship

Join the Caddy Club! Majors tournament continues with the PGA Championship. The Caddy Club as a way to support our Financial Aid Program and meet the needs of providing a nurturing environment for MORE kids!

  • All Caddy Club members receive invitations to our free Donor Appreciation events which includes our Caddy Club Majors Fantasy Golf Competition.  It kicked off with the Masters April 11- 14 (winners below). Next up is the Open Championship July 18-21
  • Every $360 cumulative donation you make allows us to cover the registration fee and golf clubs for a low-income participant to attend 8 weeks of classes.
  • Become a Caddy Club member by making a minimum $30 monthly donation for at least 12 months or a one-time donation of a minimum of $360. Click Here to Join ANYTIME!

Caddy Club Majors Winners


First Place – CATALINAMOM – Beth Huston – $1,500 Visa Gift Card

Second Place – SSMITH777765 – Stephen Smith-  $1,000 Visa Gift Card

Third Place – CTBAUER Chris Bauer – $500 Visa Gift Card

Fourth Place – 3 way tie

BABY NEEDS SHOES – Kathy Huston -Blackhorse/Bayonet Certificate

SLIP M – John Madigan – Shoreline Certificate

GOIRISH – Will Huston – Pacific Grove Certificate

PGA Championship

First Place – TEED OFF- Mary T. Huston- $1,500 Visa Gift Card

Second Place – SBUESNEL – Simon Buesnel$1,000 Visa Gift Card

Third Place – CELINAARRANAGA Celina Arranaga – $500 Visa Gift Card

Fourth Place –MGILLEY30 – Mike Gilley – Cinnabar Hills Gift Certificate

Fifth Place – CATALINAMOM – Beth Huston – Coyote Creek Gift Certificate

US Open

First Place – VOICE OF THE SEA – Ann Hallagan – $500 Visa Gift Card & Almaden Golf & Country Club Gift Certificate

Second Place – KELLY HEROES – Kelly Leif$1,000 Visa Gift Card

Third Place – 3 way tie

STU WHITE – Stuart White – $500 Visa Gift Card

JSHR0323 – Josh Schroeder- $500 Visa Gift Card

BOB ZMAN– Bob Zieman – $500 Visa Gift Card

Youth Development through Golf

Our unique approach to youth development transforms lives and gives kids and teens a brighter future. We teach life skills and golf skills on-course, in-school, and after-school. Our programs are accessible to youth of different backgrounds and perspectives and affordable to families experiencing financial hardship. Golf provides a powerful vehicle to help kids build the strength of character and life skills that they can use both on and off the golf course. Ultimately, strong character leads to success in life.

Our Kids Face Many Challenges

Our kids and teens are facing challenges above and beyond life’s expected growing pains unlike previous generations. They experience pressures within their communities, online, and because of recent dramatic events in the world. Many lack access to safe opportunities that foster a culture of acceptance and provide mentorship. Our youth feel uncertainty, isolation, confusion, and witness conflict more than ever before.

How We Help Kids Overcome Challenges

First Tee – Silicon Valley develops youth through golf. We enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with a life skills curriculum, we create active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do.

We believe that ALL youth deserve the chance to grow in a supportive environment with mentors guiding them – we are dedicated to building a youth development program that is accessible, diverse and as impactful as it is fun.

Published: 01-05-2024 EDITED: 06-21-2024