Congratulations 2023 Caddy Club Majors

Congratulations to the 2023 Caddy Club British Open winners and our 2023 “Player of the Year”!

CONGRATULATIONS to Caddy Club Majors British Open WINNERS:

1) Jason Suey – $2,500 VISA Gift Cards
2) Dave Kinser  – La Rinconada Country Club 
3) Jeff Upp – Stanford Golf Course 
4) Jean Walker  – Almaden Golf & Country Club 
5) Lionel Lee – Cinnabar Hills Golf Club 

Player of the Year!

Pat Alongi was crowned the season winner with the lowest combined score for all 4 Majors and was awarded golf and lunch at Olympic Club.

Join the Caddy Club

You can join the Caddy Club anytime as a way to support our Financial Aid Program to provide kids with affordable access to our life skills and golf skills guided by caring mentors. As a recurring (monthly) donor, you will be registered for the 2024 Caddy Club Majors and ready to play next year. 

  • Become a Caddy Club member by making a minimum $20 monthly donation for at least 12 monthsClick Here to Join!
  • Every $240 donation allows FTSV to offer financial aid to a low-income youth participant to attend an 8-week program.

Together, We’re Building Game Changers!

Our kids and teens are facing challenges unseen by previous generations. Many lack access to safe opportunities that foster a culture of acceptance and provide mentorship. They live in a world where social pressures are always on, calm and confidence are hard to access, and perseverance is a required superpower every day.  By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with a life skills curriculum, we create active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do. We make our programs accessible to youth of different backgrounds and perspectives and affordable to families experiencing financial hardship.

Who You Will Be Helping:

  • 90% racially diverse and 44% girls
  • 100% long-term youth graduate from High School
  • 100% long-term teens go to college
  • 90% achieve all A’s & B’s in school