Be a Volunteer Coach, Be a Mentor!

First Tee — Silicon Valley is looking for high quality, caring people that are interested in guiding kids and teens. Be a coach, be a mentor so they become even better people and leaders of tomorrow.

Growing Program Requires a Growing Team

Beginning this summer season, our Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course will have expanded course access. This means we can serve more participants, but only if we have the staffing and coaching to match. Our team believes it is important to keep the coach-to-participant ratio low so more guidance and feedback can be offered, and so each participant feels cared for.

Our team of coaches take part in training before each season to learn coaching techniques and learn how to implement our curriculum. While we are all expected to deliver our life skill and golf skill curriculum through games, some of the most impactful lessons are delivered through individual conversations in between games, which happen best with low ratios.

Interested in developing adaptive, transferable skills? Get started today!

  • Visit our volunteer page and click on the volunteer form.
  • Or contact Julie Donnellan at 408-508-4882 or [email protected]
  • Click here for our volunteer tri-fold for more information.
  • Click here to view our video and hear from our coaches and participants.
  • Click here to view a video on what it means to be a coach from other First Tee coaches and alumni from around the country.

What if I am not an expert coach or golfer?

Our coaches come from all walks of life with different life and golf experiences. We provide life and golf skill training as well as training on coach strategies, on techniques, and on our coach philosophy. Our goal is to make sure every coach feels supported. Additionally, we have created lesson plans to help everyone work together and encourage one another in the content and delivery. There will always be a paid, lead coach for each class coordinating the group of coaches.

What is the time requirement?

  • Volunteer coaches can choose from several class options by location, day of the week, and time.
  • Time commitment is 2.5 hours a day, once a week for an 8-week season. The 2.5 hours include a 30-minute pre-class meeting, 1.5-hour class, and a 30-minute post-class debrief.

Join our team, learn & develop coaching skills, make a difference in youth, and give back to the community! Please help us spread the word. The more positive and dedicated coaches, the better the program, and the more impactful it is for our kids and teens.  

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