Annual Review 2021

First Tee – Silicon Valley (FTSV) had its highest performing revenue year in 2021, while working hard to rebuild our Class and Community Outreach participants served due to the lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our non-profit bounced back and we are proud to share we are stronger than ever in respect to fundraising, demand for classes, and volunteerism.

We served 822 unique Class Participants which is 80% of capacity due to access restrictions that only allowed us to return to full golf course access in the Fall and Winter seasons.  We were not able to resume our Community Outreach with the schools until the late Fall. FTSV relaunched our program with 6 schools reaching 3,900 youth compared to our last year-round (2019) program at 18 schools reaching over 13,000 youth.

Our youth development program has now positively transformed the lives of 86,056 youth through proven on course and at-school programs since 2005.

FTSV Program Snapshot   

Class Participation – 822* unique participants took an average of 2 classes at our golf locations for a total of 1,562 class registrations   *reduced by 20% due to Covid

  • 62% at Rancho del Pueblo GC; 25% at Baylands Golf Links; 19% at Gavilan Golf Course
  • Served 62% Male and 38% Female
  • Served 26.6% Teens (age 13+) including 20 Ace students at the top level focusing on career exploration, volunteering, and post high school education
  • Served 45% Asian, 21% Latino, 17% White, 11% Multi-Racial, Black 2% and Other 4%
  • Provided Financial Aid to 28.36% underserved participant registrants in need by reducing class fee paid from $210 to a sliding scale of $20-$180 — $72,000 total awarded (*34% in 2019…Pre-Covid)
  • Provided a 4:1 Coach to Participant Ratio due to increased volunteerism

Outreach Participation – 3,900* youth experienced our community outreach program

  • 6 in-school PE programs or after-school locations in San Jose (4), Sunnyvale (1), and Santa Clara (1)   *reduced by 10,000 youth served due to Covid
  • Primarily served Title I Schools with low to moderate (LMI) students
  • Offered at no cost to schools through underwriting support
  • Served 45% Female and 55% Male
  • Served 65% Latino, 11% Asian, 10% White, 5% Multi, 4% Black, and 5% Other

Youth Opportunities – FTSV Teens were selected for various leadership and golf opportunities where many received special recognition through scholarships.

  • Nancy Rivera represented FTSV at the First Tee Innovators Forum and received a $10,000 College Scholarship
  • Rachel Truong, Calvin Kong, Sophie Thai, and Borina Sutikto represented FTSV at the 2021 PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee
  • Shivani Patel received the FTSV Joyce Taylor Eagle Award and $4,000 College Scholarship 
  • Dimarco Casillas received FTSV Dennis Kettman Memorial $4,000 College Scholarship
  • Isabella Herrera was chosen for the Youth on Course + TaylorMade DRIVE Club.
  • Athina Chen, Rachana Ajjarapu, and Kelly Yu were selected to attend the First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow
  • Jonathan Tessmann and Nancy Rivera were selected to attend the First Tee Leadership Summit
  • Borina Sutikto was selected to the First Tee College Scholarship Program
  • Borina Sutikto and Sophie Thai competed in the First Tee National Championship

FTSV Youth Impact Metrics

  • 100% of FTSV certifying class participants graduate high school
  • 100% of ACE top-level certifying participants attend college
  • 80% of our participants reported receiving all A’s and B’s
  • Class Participant Surveys reported the following:

       97% Had fun

       96% Said Coaches were fun and cared

       94% Like golf and improved golf skills

       90% Felt included as part of the group

       88% Want to continue with FTSV classes

       84% Learned new life skills to improve their character

FTSV Volunteerism

  • 100 Total Volunteers
  • 70 Teen Junior Coaches from our program
  • 13 Board Directors and 13 Ambassadors
  • 5,574 total hours donated
  • Equivalent to $111,480 in-kind labor

Financial Snapshot

FTSV raised $1.6M exceeding the operating budget of $1.2M. The operating budget distribution was approximately 70% for Programs, 6% for Operating (e.g., golf course access), 20% for Fundraising, and 4% for Administration.

$1,014,451 Contributed Income

       $332,501       Grants and Foundations

       $273,868       Government Grants

       $19,976          Corporate Giving

       $388,106       Individual Giving

$649,654 Earned Income

       $255,564       Participant Fees & Merchandise Sales

       $391,251       Golf Events: Open, Invitational, Classic (Foundation, Corporate, Individual)

       $    2,839        Miscellaneous

$1,664,105 Total Income