Ace Volunteer Project – Making an Impact

This winter season 15 FTSV Ace participants will be taking the Ace Volunteer Project, which is one of 4 Ace projects throughout the year — Career, Golf, Education, and Volunteer. The Ace volunteer project has 8 classes and has an outside-of-class application activity. To be an Ace participant requires years of FTSV classes and a successful demonstration of the life skill and golf skill requirements at every FTSV level.

In this winter’s volunteer project, participants will explore giving back opportunities – where to look, why volunteer, what benefits exist through giving back, and how to find opportunities that match their interest. Additionally, they will develop transferable skills and learn what it means to go above and beyond when volunteering. Lastly, they will work on interviewing strategies and professional correspondence. The goal of the project is to apply the skills learned in class, and the skills learned throughout FTSV to real volunteer opportunities and experiences. For that reason, we encourage participants to volunteer at FTSV and at other organizations in addition to taking the 8-week volunteer class.

Over the years we have had a large number of FTSV participants giving back as junior coaches. This year we have 51 FTSV participants coaching classes. Many coach with us 3-4 seasons a year in addition to their other volunteer responsibilities.  

Our junior coaches have an impactful role in our program,” says Program Director, Chris Moreno-Hunt. “They deliver and demonstrate FTSV life lessons, and in doing so, reinforce the importance of the life lessons and pave the way for future coaches.”

Volunteering is critical for the health of our organization and plays a vital role in developing the skill-set necessary for career success. We are pleased to have these Ace participants along with our other junior coaches showing the way and giving back.

Congratulations Ace participants for making it to Ace and for choosing to be role models for the younger generation.

To join or learn more about our program visit and click on “youth programs,” then “youth classes.”

ACE Volunteers 2023