Our Approach

Why Youth Development Matters

  • Core values and life skills are the foundation of good character.
  • Respect – for oneself, others, and one’s surroundings – is our key core value.
  • Life skills are both interpersonal and intrapersonal and are strengthened with dedication.
  • Good behavior is respectful, life-giving, and contagious.
  • Success in life includes intrinsic reward, job fulfillment, altruistic service, and leadership.
  • Mentoring – when one who is trusted walks alongside another through their development – is the most effective way to build character other than life experience itself.

Why do we exist?

We exist to help all youth build good character which is important for success in life. We believe good character advances one’s career and community. We enrich character to further advance one’s career and community. Its’ more than learning the game of golf – it’s a shot at upward mob

How do we do it?

We ensure fun, safe spaces and well-equipped, caring coaches – both employee and volunteer mentors – who follow four coaching strategies – activity-based, mastery-driven, empower youth, continuous learning.

What do we do?

We provide affordable programs in the form of Classes with five progressive, developmentally-appropriate levels at green grass facilities, Outreach to develop character through fun golf games by partnering with teachers and enrichment providers both in-school and in youth-serving organizations, and Opportunities with life-changing experiences to expose youth to the possibilities that surround them.

What do we teach?

We teach a proven curriculum of Nine Core Values (respect, perseverance, confidence, judgment, integrity, honesty, responsibility, sportsmanship, courtesy), Life Skills (interpersonal, self-management, goal-setting, resilience), Nine Healthy Habits (physical, emotional, social), Golf Skills (putting, chipping, pitching, full swing), and Enrichment Skills (STEM, higher education, professional skills, community service, citizenship, leadership skills).

Who do we teach?

We teach all youth 2nd – 12th grade regardless of background especially those experiencing the opportunity gap. All youth have access to our affordable programs. We offer financial aid for those in need.

Watch Our Video

Watch our video to learn more about our youth development program that is making a difference.