Join Our Team!

First Tee – Silicon Valley is great place to work! We have a variety of paid coaching options — full-time, part-time, or seasonally (i.e. over the summer) — Program Assistant, Program Instructor, Program Coordinator. Or consider becoming a Volunteer Coach. Apply for any of these roles by clicking Contact above.

Coaching for First Tee

Learn much more about coaching for First Tee by watching this 6-minute YouTube video. The content of what we deliver is about 75% Life Skills and 25% Golf Skills. Our coach approach building blocks are activity-based, empowering youth, continuous learning, and mastery-driven.

Coaching Positions

Program Assistant

Our entry level, part-time coach role is Program Assistant. This is a great position for summer employment and to get started with us as an employee/coach. Many of our Program Assistants applied for this position after having been a FTSV participant or Volunteer Coach.

Program Instructor

Our experienced, part-time coach role is Program Instructor. Basic responsibilities include (1) delivering our golf and life skills curriculum to participants ranging from 2nd -12th grade and (2) commiting 2.5 hours per class a minimum of twice per week for an 8-lesson class season for 2-4 seasons per year.

Program Coordinator

Our Program Coordinators are effectively Program Instructors who also oversee all operational aspects of classes, outreach and more. This is our most experienced coaching role with the most responsibility. We make these full-time or part-time hires, and usually promote from within, on an as-needed basis.